1. Very Satisfied

    I am very satisfied with this program. It has been working great for my business. Last year alone, I saved over $15,000.…Read More

    Debra, Auburn, MI
  2. A Great Move For Us

    I wondered what my customers would think, but they applaud me for not raising prices. It’s been a great move for us, and our customers and bottom line are both happy.…Read More

    Nick, Olathe, KS
  3. Worked Out Great!

    I opted to use the cash discount program, and it has worked out great. Customers agree with my action and I think all merchants should consider this program.…Read More

    Michael, Tuscon, AZ
  4. Saved Us Thousands in Fees

    We have used many processors through the years but finally found one that didn’t try to take advantage of us. They gave us what they call “interchange” pricing structure that saved us thousands in fees. They even sat down with us to teach us how to read the statement when we requested. Thank you.…Read More

    Scott, Brain Storm Print